Back to Basics

We’ve taken a lot of flack since relaunch for our high prices. We get it. $300 for a raincoat is outrageous to many people. For those who picked one up over the years, we offer our heartfelt Thank You.

They were where they were because they needed to be where they were. Simple as that. We really put our attention to quality and tried to source and make everything in New York and Los Angeles, two of the most expensive cities in the world. And it backfired.

Live and learn.

We’re still making all of our stuff here lol. Live and never learn. But you know, we’re kinda used to low sales numbers by now. It doesn’t faze us. No, really. I’m not crying. You are.

So we’re still designing and making stuff from scratch here. It’s insanity. But Locally Sourced and Made means we’re in control of the process. I’ll just leave it at that. When it comes to basics however - tees and hoodies - we have a decisive advantage in purchasing power. You see, DFYNT is supported in part by our ability to manufacture or buy blanks in bulk and distribute them around the world (4 countries, really. We’re not that global).

So this year, we decided to make some Defyant blanks; specifically, hoodies. But not just any hoodies. Very, very pretty basic hoodies. Colors came out really great. They’re due in 3 weeks. Colors came out so great we’re not sure if we want to do anything to them yet. Only thing we’re sure of is for how much we’re going to offer them. It’ll be our way of saying “Thank You” to those who supported us since our relaunch.

September, September.