K-POP! Just Jerk Edition


Once upon a time before I dipped my toes in the streetwear space only to become just another narcissistic, prepubescent phony boy, I worked as a producer for KBS (Korean Broadcasting System). I had a great run producing numerous groundbreaking stories and features. It remains one of my favorite jobs of all time and for that reason, I am extremely biased toward KBS.

So it was really cool when they reached out to me recently to dress Just Jerk, the winners of a K-Pop dance program, Dancing High. These new teen idol trainees were the focus of KBS’s new documentary: Dancing High in L.A.

In the end, I ended up sponsoring the show because these kids were talented but so humble and down to earth. It was very refreshing to finally see some real humility and rediscover hope in humanity.

The documentary is in Korean and there are no subtitles. Otherwise…